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Our Mission

Yaso is at the intersection of public health and technology - growing a startup company that will be profitable and lead to a more equitable world. More than a decade ago, we set out to create drug products that would fill a need not met by current contraceptives and condoms. We believe our products will turn the tide on the epidemic of sexually transmitted disease and unplanned pregnancy.


Products currently in preclinical development



A low viscosity, topical gel that will rapidly inhibit a recurrent outbreak of genital herpes in men and women.


A higher viscosity, vaginal contraceptive gel that promises to be non-irritating, pleasant to use and designed to prevent pregnancy and possibly other intra-vaginal infections such as gonorrhea, and chlamydia.



Medical professionals and hundreds of women we surveyed are excited about Yaso’s proposed products.


A topical treatment for genital herpes would be a great option. Whatever works the fastest is the product that patients want. If the product is easy to use, faster and/or less expensive, I could easily see it being used more regularly than oral medication. Depending on the safety profile, it would be even better if it was available over-the-counter. That would be an awesome option.”

—Family Practice Physician, Scottsdale, AZ

"The product sales have an almost unlimited potential to become one of the most marketable products on earth.”    
—NIH peer reviewer from Phase 2 SBIR grant proposal

Yaso Therapeutics

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