What is an MPT?


Multi-purpose prevention technologies (MPTs) include drugs that serve more than one purpose.

For example, Yaso’s proposed product, Yaso-CON is designed to prevent unintended conception, and protect against sexually transmitted infections (STIs). MPTs are an exciting area of research within the National Institutes of Health, because they provide more value to the customer. For example, instead of a woman buying one product to prevent unintended pregnancy, and another to protect against herpes, she might use Yaso’s single product. That means more protection for less money, with fewer potential side effects.

This contrasts with drugs and devices that are meant for a single purpose, and may cause side effects. For example, about 60% of women we surveyed who have tried oral contraceptive pills complain of hormone-induced side effects, with no inherent protection against STIs. And while a future vaccine might reduce the risk of contracting a particular STI, that doesn't address unintended pregnancy, or a myriad of other diseases.

So, it makes sense to develop one product that does many things, well. Including being pleasant to use.  Every drug or medical device must be evaluated for how well they work, any side effects they create, and perhaps most importantly, if women actually use them.  Hormone-containing birth control pills can produce side effects women don’t like. Vaginal products containing N-9 can cause irritation. Women don’t like to use products that don’t feel good, and neither do men. Condoms are only used about 17% of the time. Vaginal rings made of a plastic-like material can be uncomfortable.

Yaso is formulating its products to feel good, and produce no side effects. For example, many couples today use a personal lubricant to reduce skin irritation. Lubricants are a $1 billion market in the US alone. Obviously, what feels good, gets used.

We are looking forward to our future clinical trials to get feedback from women about how they like the products we are formulating.

claire seizovic